October 19, 2016

Making an Internet Connected Robot

Making an Internet Connected Robot

The course has 4 sessions in total, 3 hours/session and 1 session/week.

Robotics Workshop

Class I: Making things Move

  • Quick refresh on the basic principles of electricity
  • Learn how to solder
  • Learn how to use prototyping board (breadboards and permanent boards)
  • Learn how to use a multimeter and basic oscilloscope functions
  • Learn about batteries and motors
  • Learn about motor control boards

Class II: The Internet of Things

  • Introduction to the Internet of Things
  • Introduction to Lua programming language
  • Learn to use the NodeMCU development board (http://nodemcu.com/index_en.html)
  • How to control a motor (and other things) from the Internet

Class III: Developing a Mobile Application

  • Introduction to the Python programming language (Python gives you superpowers)
  • Introduction to the Kivy framework (https://kivy.org/)
  • Writing an Android mobile phone application using Kivy and Python
  • Designing a chassis for your robot

Class IV: Putting it All Together

  • Assemble all the components and finish your robot
  • Troubleshoot any problems

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