October 19, 2016

How to Make Things Talk

Does your child need a creative outlet and love working with their hands?
Does your child want to know more about electronics and how to build things with electronics?
Do they want to make something talk after reacting to light, motion, or action?

If your answer is yes, they should sign up for this workshop, “How to Make Things Talk.”
In this workshop, we will go through the entire design process while also teaching the basics of electronics and how the different components are connected together.

How to Make Things Talk

Participants will have a chance to use their creativity to make a product and pitch their invention to the rest of the group.

The children will be taught in English along with a team of experienced teachers, with heart full of enthusiasm.

All tools and materials will be provided. The participant will be able to take home an electronics kit that they can pull apart and reimagine.

No experience necessary.

Age 13-18. We encourage parents to experience the classes with children if they so choose.

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