October 19, 2016

Basic Electronic Components and Arduino Programming


You have pretty cool electronics projects and you really want to make it by yourself but you don’t know how and where to start, then definitely this basic electronics course is designed for you. In two months, you will learn about basic passive components and simple circuit, C programming, Arduino board and its ecosystems. In final demo day, you are required to build your own home automation system which monitors temperature & humidity in your room and also triggers alarm when it’s in alarm mode. The final project is the easiest one you can start with, limitation is your imaginary so let’s start with something simple first.

No electronics background and no programming skill requires, all what you need is your passion.

BEAC Course

Learning Goals

  • Basic electronics components
  • Fundamental of electrical theories
  • C & Arduino programming
  • Arduino board and its ecosystems

Course overview

7 sections + 1 final demo, 1 session/week, 1.5 hours/session

Table of Contents

Day 1: Basic Passive Components and Simple Circuit

Day 2: Basic Passive Components and Simple Circuit (Cont.)

Day 3: Arduino Programming

Day 4: Arduino Programming (Cont.)

Day 5:Arduino Programming (Cont.)

Day 6: Arduino Enrivorments

Day 7: Open Project

Day 8: Present Project

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